Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday, December 14, 2007

Future 304 Students

English 304 was a pretty cool class. My advice for future students would be to go to class, write your blogs, and do your assignments. If you do your work, you should do good. As for the client based project, I would say that you basically need to keep in contact with your group members and do your portion of the work. If you talk to your group, and you do your work, you should be fine. This class was not the hardest class in the world, but it was a fun learning experience.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Clemson Football

It always stinks when college football season is coming to an end. I know that we still have a bowl game to look forward to, but this is what I am blogging about so there you go. Seriously though I do love football season and it stinks that its coming to an end. There is one thing I have to look forward to, and that's hopefully a better year for Clemson next year, and messing with my girlfriend who is a hardcore Carolina fan. I was so tired of hearing that South Carolina garbage. Now that we won, and things are the way they should be, (a winning season for Clemson, and a win over Carolina) it is all good. I guess it stinks that the season is at an end and their is no more tailgating, but at least I have a year of no Carolina garbage and a new season to look forward to.

No Carolina trash talk; well I guess I will still have to hear some kind of garbage, but a W is a W.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Artilce on Hiring People

I found the article very interesting. I thought that the reason that it was so hard to get a good job was because there were not enough good jobs out there. Turns out that is not the case; the reason that it is hard to get a job is because businesses today are very picky about who they hire. They said that even with a shortage on jobs, they still will be very picky in who they hire. They said that its not just your credentials, but what kind of person you are. I found this very interesting, because it goes to show that you can have great credentials, but if you are a jerk, and you are full of it, you will not get the job. This article goes to show that you should be genuine and not fake when you go for an interview. If you show the people who you are interviewing you that you are genuinely a good person, it can go a long way.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dual Coding Theory

Dual coding theory is the use of three cognitive systems to gain peoples attention and to bring about memorization of something. There are many examples of dual coding theory in advertisement today. One example of this is in the new sprite commercials. They are a joke about subliminal messaging. In the commercials they use language and sound on top of color and crazy visual images that correlate with sprite. These commercials are easily remembered, and very affective.
Another ad that uses dual coding theory effectively are coke commercials. Usually they start out with a picture of a coke being poured in a glass. They describe the taste and flavor of the drink, along with the sound of it being poured in the glass. This visual image, along with the description and sound cause you not only to remember coca-cola the next time your at the grocery store, but want one immediately.
These are just a couple of ways that advertisers get you to remember their products. The use of dual coding theory is an affective way to get people to remember products.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Group Work

So far, group work has gone along smoothly. We have not had any miscommunication as far as I know. Clear communication is key in group work, and we have not had any problems so far. In the future we need to continue to keep in touch regularly so that we do not have any problems. I believe that regularly scheduled meetings and email communication have enabled us to stay on track. I think our group is great because everyone is very enthusiastic about are project. In phase 2, I think that we need to keep doing what we are doing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

College Life

College life is a bitter sweet experience. It is a time when you have a blast with your friends, and learn a great many new things. They say that in your college years is when you have the largest amount of knowledge. It is however, a time when you have the least amount of money. Let me tell you that being broke in college is not all that fun. Eating soup and cheap noodle is not all that great. If less money was spent on beer though, it might not be that bad. All in all though it is a great experience. It is a time of learning, partying, and hard work. Some say it is the best time of your life, so enjoy it. It will go by fast.